Sunday, November 1, 2009

And so it begins...

I've recently fallen head over heals with card making. So, i'm starting this blog to kind of give me the kick in the a**e that I need. I wanna see how I progress and have swore to myself I will update as soon as I put my craft scissors down.

I recently joined and have fallen in love with the whole shops selection. I want to buy EVERYTHING. And i'm sure the lovely girls there will support my habit :D

So. About two weeks ago I made my first purchases from the store, I forget some of the essentials, like glue for instance, but I did buy a lovely Papermania set 'touch of pink'. I wanted to make a birthday card for a dear aunt of mine. Of course, i also forget to buy any birthday supplies >> (I need to write a list of essentials and order them soon)

These are my first two attempts at making some cards.

As you can see I will give nobody a running for their money! But that's what I love about this, mistakes sometimes make a card, and nothing is more personal than a card someone put time and effort into. I hope to be making alot more soon. As soon as Tuesday and my new Crop-A-Dile arrive!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Lorraine <3


charmz said...

welcome to blogging.....just as addictive as all things crafty!!!!

Lorraine said...

I've just found the gadget thingy... oh man! I'm in love already! Thanks for following!