Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Baby

I made this card for a good friends baby that is due very soon. Likely this week! Can't wait, its her first and its a little girl she will be naming Amanda. I've made many attempts at this one card, first I considered soft colours with all different LO's but I finally settled on this particular LO because it does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a card for her baby girl. Plus I tried to get as much pink into it without going overboard :D

Again, I'm so sorry this is taking with my web cam. My camera is completely on the blink lead or no camera lead. Its not even saving/reading the pictures I'm taking. I think I know what St. Nick might be bringing me for Christmas!

Here's the top of the card, the bottom and the whole card (which you might have to peer close up at your screen to see, sorry!)


Now, onto making Christmas cards. Where to start...


charmz said...

thats a really sweet card and I love the image, those wee bears are just sooo cute!!!

am sure your friend will love it and as a mother of a baby girl, there is no such thing as too much pink!!!! LOL

Lorraine said...

Pink is a lovely colour to work with also! Still waiting for baby though. Should be here soon.

Lia said...

Wow Lorraine this card is just stunning ... I just love the colours you used and your colouring is brilliant.